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Most experts agree that male pattern baldness is caused by genetic and also by DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, which is synthesized from testosterone that thinning hair follicle leading to little or no hair growth. The other major factor is lifestyle leading to metabolic syndrome; this is often coming from unhealthy food and stress. While eating the right food can help, it is not enough to stop hair loss. By combining the above factors, the new theory is that the type of underwear men wear can link to stress causing the production of unwanted DHT from testosterone resulting in hair loss. Many researches have shown that menís brief underwear or the tighty-whities can cause low sperm count due to the heat and the lack of circulation. The constrictiveness of brief underwear can also create unnecessary stress or pressure for the testicles as well as the perineum, the area between the anus and the scrotum or sometimes known as the male g-spot. As a result, the prolong wear of brief can produce unwanted stress triggering DHT and hair loss. Comparing this to boxer underwear, the boxers are less constrictive; giving the crotch area room and allowing free circulation at its natural course while providing relaxation to the area.

Another factor to consider regarding male hair loss is that many of the developing countries in the 1960s to now have seen drastic increased in male baldness in their population as their countries modernized. This happened in Japan where the number of bald men doubled from 1982 to 1998. Men from India have also seen an increased in Baldness in their young men. Both of these countries have relatively good diet standards. It seems that as developing countries adopt the modernized western culture, food, and lifestyles more and younger men are getting hair loss. In the lifestyle aspect, menís brief or boxer brief underwear are viewed as sexualized modern culture as comparison to the tradition view of an undergarment for the plain old boxers.

**** Please note that the texture of the fabric is also important. The coarse texture makes it less comfortable compare to a smooth and soft one.******

**** Updates 07-21-2016****** One important factor in controlling or prevent hair loss is the thyroid glands; there are very few research on this matter. But it has been stated that thyroid gland controls the amount of testosterone, and subsequently DHT in the body. Furthermore, stress and imbalance hormones can lead to thyroid gland problems as well as hair loss. Medical and nutritionist research shows that a balance diet with sufficient iodine will maintain a healthy thyroid gland and may very well prevent hair loss. Some of the food which can benefits the thyroid are Laver, seaweed and other food with iodine. However, too much of iodine also has negative effect. So The key is to regulate the intake of iodine and keep your thyroid gland healthy. Please comment below.

For thinning hair issue, Check this vidoe on how to select your perfect hair style & fashion.

What are your experience with Boxer or brief underwear and hair loss in men?

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I think it is great the boxers are relaxing and briefs are tight and are perfect for playing sport and being active. But this article is right that boxers are better for the hair since it create less stress.

I suggest trying a silk boxer at " theya re silky cool and smooth feeling."

I totally agree with the texture. After wearing boxers that are smooth and soft. And they feel like you are wearing nothing and feel so free. Can anyone recommend a good fabric and brand of boxers????? Thanks

Any good recommendation to expel DHT from the body?

Response to John
Good question, there are many method, more research to determine the best way.

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