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First Click Tabs to open styles (or scroll down for Browse/Submit button to upload your image or click to select a doll)

click image to select or link for info

Start by clicking on sybmbols to collage with image below. For help & info hoover on symbols: Scroll up to add more images or

Click to add styles.

Scroll Down to choose & submit buttons to upload your own images.

For Best Quality Upload File Minimum Size 1024 X 768 Portraits Only

**Notice** Perspective images cannot save as appear, Use Screenshot capture ONLY*****Chrome ScreenShot Download
Website security
****To Upload your Image (Frontal Portraits) by clicking "Choose File button" then "submit"***
ICON DESCRIPTIONS- How to use the collages
-To rotate by clicking and also to revert other functions.
***To avoid unwanted image rotation when scrolling with mouse wheel, hover pointer to farthest right in the white spaces.
-To flip horizontally
-To skew by increments from each clicks
-To rotate left by increments from each clicks
-To rotate right by increments from each clicks
-To resize by clicking and dragging to desirable size
-To widen the shoulder length
-To remove the selected image
*Refresh web page to remove all Collages; Chrome- clear browsing data*

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